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Hex Nipples - Long
Part# : 1HLN
Price : $4.58 – $28.78
Tylok Pipe Fittings are designed and manufactured for applications in power, processing and instrumentation. In designing a system incorporating pipe fittings, it is the designer's or user's obligation and responsibility to determine the appropriate fittings to be used for each application and to insure proper installation and maintenance.

These fittings are manufactured to the same high quality standards as all other Tylok Fittings. Each fitting is thoroughly cleaned before leaving the factory to eliminate system contamination and feature an attractive surface finish to match the appearance of modern scientific instrumentation and equipment.

Pipe Thread Specifications:
Tylok Pipe Fittings are manufactured from material meeting applicable ASTM or ASME specifications, with pipe threads which meet or exceed ANSI B1.20.1 requirements. Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout production.

Material Specifications:
Brass Forgings - ASTM-B124 Alloy 377
Brass Bar Stock - ASTM-B16 Alloy 360, ASTM-B453 Alloy 345
Stainless Steel Forging - ASME-SA182, ASTM-A182
Stainless Steel Bar Stock - ASME-SA479, ASTM-A276

Heat Traceability:
Tylok Pipe Fittings can be traced back to the original mill heat from which it was made. Starting with the original billet, the mill creates a certificate which completely describes the chemical and physical makeup. This is useful for providing a method for complete material accountability for the manufacturer and end customer.

Temperature Ratings:
The standard Tylok Instrumentation Fittings are rated at the following temperatures:
316 Stainless -325ºF to 1200ºF (-198ºC to 648ºC)
Brass -40ºF to 400ºF (-40ºC to 204ºC)
Note: Consideration should be given to maximum temperature ratings if fittings are coated or plated.

Installation Instructions:
Pipe thread connections are relatively easy to work with because of the common sizes and dimensions throughout manufacturing. It is important to use a thread sealant. These products range from pipe “dopes” to teflon tape.
Part Number Male Pipe Size A B(Thru Hole) C Hex
2-1HLN-*1/8* Made To Order Specify Size.1877/16
4-1HLN-*1/4* Made To Order Specify Size.2819/16
6-1HLN-*3/8* Made To Order Specify Size.37511/16
8-1HLN-*1/2* Made To Order Specify Size.4687/8
12-1HLN-*3/4* Made To Order Specify Size.6251-1/16
16-1HLN-*1* Made To Order Specify Size.8751-3/8