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Plain Bevel Seat x Male NPT Adapters
Part #: 1419
Price: Please call for price and availability.

Plain bevel seat by male NPT adapter. Please note that both 304 and 316L fittings have a 304 stainless steel hex nut.

Your applications demand quality and reliability of your bevel seat fittings in addition to expeditious delivery. That's why businesses servicing food, dairy, and beverage have trusted Dixon™ bevel seat fittings since 1986. Dixon Sanitary offers a wide range of fittings in 304 and 316L materials in sizes from 1" to 4".

Dixon™ Fittings maintain the 3A standard. The 3A Sanitary Standard was created by the dairy industry as a voluntary benchmark for product performance and sanitary safety. The standard, collaboratively developed bya group of processors, suppliers, regulatory officials and sanitation specialists, is generally accepted by federal, state and local regulatory authorities.

Dixon™ Fittings have earned the 3A symbol, which requires an annual assessment to make certain each product conforms in all respects to the published standard. Dixon™ clamp fittings carrying the 3A symbol conform to the 3A sanitary standards for fittings for milk and milk products (#63-03). Dixon Sanitary is proud to be a participant in the 3A program.